Update: New album 'Begin' now available

This project has been a slow and careful process, crafted 1 hour at a time; and since the beginning... this project was focused on moving forward, getting out, and getting better. Something helpful for those who want it.

I wanted there to be something that met the listener at eye level with their struggles and focused them into a better perspective. Something that would walk with them, step by step, through all their "in-between" moments when things aren't great but they are grinding things out. Working. Making things better.

A huge thanks to my wife Kayla, for not only being the co-lyricist of this album but being a tremendous supportive force to continue my passions. I would also like to give big thanks to Levi Kilzer, David E LaVergne, Josh Hohbein and Marc Manyon for being such great support and helping me form this album into one cohesive idea.

I would now like to share with you the album in its entirety, below.

A couple people have said some very beautiful things about my new album and I would really like to share them with you.

  • "With each track, this album pulls you deeper and deeper into a beautifully textured world swirling with emotion. Joel's vocals oscillate from soft, smooth angelic swells to high energy harmonies, unraveling an ambient story that couldn't be told through any other soundscape. It's at moments magical and awe-inspiring and others heartbreakingly sorrow-drenched, yet always refreshingly dynamic." - Joe Davis [Nationally touring writer, performer, & educator]

  • "With haunting yet uplifting notes and dreamy scenes of tomorrow, This new album is full of sounds that relate to moods down under to moods on the surface. My favorite song on this album is Between followed by Sun for it's energy. A very well put together and thoughtful album." - Opi (Reddit)

  • I have always been a big fan of Joel's powerful vocals. From the sweet high notes to the punching mid's and low's, I have yet to work with any other artist on the local level that can compare to his world class voice! Next his musicianship continues to amaze me. The harmonies that ring through each note played haunt my dreams but in a very good way. Complimented by catchy riffs and succinct drum play. I would say this one of the most complete albums I have heard from Joel. It is as if he's been in the recording game for 30 years but brings a freshness to that scene. Keep up the great work Joel! - Dan Hansen (Founder and Director of RTL Entertainment)

  • "Not what we think: Always, he brings us more than we suspect. The titles fit in a way that might shock our brains. This voice: compassion, anger, humor, gentle power. Is this Rock? Who cares!? This IS DIY in a real way, a way we need in these trying times when authentically American music's are sucked up by pop trends quicker than you can yell BEATLES BEWARE! As usual with a carefully constructed setlist by a singer, musician who works hard to write 'life' in concrete ways, the words are as important as the music. So hesitation? NONE. This feller is not trying to be America's Most Wanted Talent, he is trying to make art for real people using deeply imagined realities -- and this guy, (Me) says 'THANK YOU! WE NEED YOUR MUSIC!' - Rick Watson (ND Associate Poet Laureate)